Viral Video Production

Viral Videos

Need To Create A Buzz For Your Business, Product or Service?

 Video marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing mediums a business can utilize to generate an ROI from its investment. This is true for product-based businesses, service-based businesses, and information-based businesses collectively. So now the question becomes, “How can you use video marketing to leverage your product, service, or information to my target market, while at the same time, get found in the search engines?”

 Our Viral Video Marketing service satisfies three critical components of online marketing           :

  • Positioning you as the expert in the eyes of your customers                                       

  • Positioning you as the expert in the eyes of the search engines

  • Creating fresh content for the search engine and the customer

We’ve bundled these three critical components together as one affordable monthly investment to save you money and increase your ROI!

 We assist you in creating the perfect professional Viral Video to generate traffic and brand recognition.

We work with you on concept, (we can create one for you), consulting, implementation and viral video marketing.

Of course, one of the main goals is too make the video interesting enough that viewers will want to send it to their friends, co-workers and spread it around themselves.

 Benefits of Viral Video Production and Marketing:


• Increased Brand and Name Recognition
• Increase awareness about your services/products
• Increased traffic for your website
• Increased interest in your services
• Access to video marketing networks

• Concept creation and script preparation
• Viral Video Creation
• Video production: taping and editing
• Designed viral video in any format you need
• Video file optimization for Video Search parameter
• 3D Production Available
• More

We work directly with all budget levels and time frames. We will make sure that your video serves its promotional purpose.

We are also working on our own digital advertising network that we can discuss distribution on.