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Animus Digital Marketing ‘Where Creativity Knows No Bounds’

Animus Digital Marketing is an Iso certified Digital Marketing company of Bhopal. Since 2010, it has been successful in making its name in the Field of Digital Marketing. Apart from Digital Marketing Animus specialises in various other activities. From content writing for Samsung (Area head) to hosting National Level Events/conducting Page 3 Parties  Animus has done it all…

Animus comprises of a well trained and technically advanced team of professionals. We consider the google trends for staying up to date and aware of the market strategies. Our team uses google trends for choosing the trending topics and utilising them in the best suitable ways to promote our clients brand and products.

We use frequently searched words and phrases making efficient use of google adwords to make our clients products and brands visible to the people. We make sure it reaches the potential traffic and engages them. We not only market but also analyse our work on regular basis. We use apps like google analytics to check the progress of our work and of yhe brand we are promoting.

Several marketing strategies are available in market but they cannot give you the details about how many people know about your product or how much they know about you. Appoint animus digital marketing and we can tell you exactly how many users came to your website or read about your blog, how long they stayed engaged on your page or who came back for your product. We can tell you about who your potential client can be or what your clients need from you. Through our digital marketing strategies we make your brand visible specially to the ones who can turn up to be your potential customers.

We can also calculate the number of clicks you or your product got in a week and exactly from which region.Yes, we can identify the areas in your city, country as well as your neighbouring countries which show interest in your product. We can estimate the population count who know about you and who desire to know or deal with you. Our team possesses sharp strategies and techniques to observe the interests of various age groups whether children, youth or old. We study the interests of both genders around the potential targeted areas. After researching groups from all areas from target region and countries we design our marketing.

Our digital marketing services can show you how far have we promoted you qnd how many people and how many times have seen your brand.





Digital Marketing services:

Versatility has always been the strength of ADM. Not only Digital Marketing but we  expertise in many other domains. Our digital marketing services include :

  • Offline Marketing- We offer many offline marketing services like printing brochures, hoardings designing as well as printing. We also provide services of  putting boards,banners and vinyls on streets as well as shops. In short we provide complete shop and products branding. 
  • Event management/ Event Planning- Once you hire us our team takes full care of your event. Right from booking the perfect venue for your events at the most reasonable prices, catering, decoration,entertainment as well as printing of invitation cards we can take care of everything. We also specialise in bringing latest concepts and themes like neon. Animus was the first company to introduce the actual neon concept to Bhopal.
  • Internet Marketing: We provide marketing services like promoting brands through Facebook, YouTube videos, Emails, specially designed campaigns, online contests, advertisements etc. We also promote products like clothing range, wrist watches and other such everyday utility products through ads. We also ace at bringing traffic to websites which can result in potential customers for your websites. 
  • Mobile Marketing: We perform mobile marketing through whatsapp, sms as well as through calls.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media is presently the most outstanding platform for marketing. Social media sites act as the word of mouth. So we provide social media marketing through websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, Instagram etc. Our marketing services guarantees traffic to your website and we also help our clients with techniques to engage people which can probably turn into potential  customers. 
  • Online Reputation Management: As everything gets online these days from personal party pics to news about the latest happenings around us. And at times these can be really embarassing like being tagged in an ugliest picture from the past or posts about job expulsions damaging our image. So Animus came forward with services like online reputation management where we take care of your accounts. We ensure that wherever you appear you look good and seem good. We try to maintain a positive and impressive online image of yours in our online reputation management. We also provide tech support to protect from spams and viruses.
  • PR Solutions: We provide PR solutions and help in connecting with people. We help you in reaching out to multiple population specially the potential traffic. We optimise in formulating relations of our clients and forming  positive image. We also give ideas and solutions to make people aware of our clients and that too in an impressive way.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Right from choosing proper engagable content to being found easily we provide all SEO services. We take care of improving the google rankings of our clients.By Gods grace and our hardwork almost all of our clients have been succesful in attaining top ranks in their specific genres. We perform SEO services which make our clients easily visible online specially  to the potential traffic. We also perform SEO tests for checking the visibility of websites and brands.
  • Website Development: We develop websites for various profit as well as non profit organisations and brands. We offer facilities of customised as well as semi- customised content and graphics for websites. We also offer webspace purchasing, logo designing, graphic designing and other website development related services. 
  • Branding/Promotions: Whether its about branding a product, business, organisation or a person. We use innovative ideas and tricks for promotions and branding.
  • Marketing consulting : We give marketing advices to organisations and startups. We provide consulting services regarding what, when and how to market. We research the market according to our clients brand or product and after looking through the market needs and the clients we suggest ways and means to reach out to the masses, to gain popularity and achieve profits. 
  • Content Writing: We provide content writing services for almost everything. We write according to the needs of our clients. Whatever genre it may be, no matter how difficult the topic may be, we make it simple and understandable for the readers. We do content writing for websites, blogs, posts, brochures,campaigns,  catalogues and magazines etc. 
  • Creative Designing: We have a team of super creative designers who can work on all latest softwares and apps. We design logos, graphics, brochures, magazines, ad campaigns, promotional ads, drop down banners and hoardings. We design for almost everything.
  • I.T.E.S.: IT industry is playing a major role in development and advancement of business and services worldwide. So we provide Information technology enabled services for BPO Outsourcing, back office jobs, call centers and KPO related services.
  • Complete Media House and many more..

Just name it @Animus We Do it All.

​ “Animus Digital marketing” is all about building customer relationships. We use online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas,products and services that satisfy the goals of both parties.

Animus Digital Marketing is the Pioneer of Digital Marketing in Bhopal and has Served many Local/National & International Clients.

Our Vision with Animus Digital Marketing is to deliver nothing but the best, We provide efficient, cost effective business setup. Our consultancy services are tailored to the needs of different business segments and people we serve. Our team also helps in exploring  potential business opportunities. We also help entrepreneurs to strategise the way of working across M.P region. We do this by building city wise impressive regional sales and marketing plans. We aim for best results possible for running new business and investments.

Animus Digital Marketing also works for Startups and Entrepreneurs by delivering

  • Market research and business plans development
  • Business plan and business projection
  • Industry Assessment
  • Financial feasibility
  • Operational feasibility
  • financial projection
  • Corporate Identity Design and Creation.
  • Company profiles design
  • Company Incorporation Services
  • Set up companies including industrial licence establishment
  • Drafting of partnership and commercial agreements.

During our Journey in Online/Offline Marketing we have served clients like

  • LG
  • INDRAPRASTH Uniforms
  • RPM

At Animus digital marketing we believe Everyone is Searching for Something, They Are Searching For YOU

We Just Help Them Find YOU.

Give Your Brand a New Age Marketing Give Them ANIMUS DIGITAL MARKETING


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